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What to Expect at a Class

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About the Classes

The meditation classes explain Buddhist meditation, ideas, and practice. They combine guided meditation with practical spiritual advice that you can apply immediately to relieve stress and solve problems in your life. Everyone is welcome, classes are suitable for both beginners and experienced meditators.

Whilst all of the classes in a term follow a theme, each week is self-contained and offered on a 'drop in' basis. This means, whilst it is good to attend all the classes if you can, you will not be disadvantaged if this is not possible and you are only able to attend occasionally. Also, if you have missed the beginning of a term, you can start attending the classes straight away rather than wait for the start of a new term.

The classes are easy to follow and do not need prior knowledge or experience, you will be sitting in a normal chair throughout. There is no requirement to sit on the floor or in any special positions. Your teacher will help guide you through the meditations and part of this is ensuring you are sitting comfortably and are relaxed but alert. Also you do not need to wear any special clothes or bring any equipment to a class.

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About Meditation

In his book, The New Meditation Handbook, Geshe Kelsang Gyatso explains:

"Meditation is a mind that concentrates on a virtuous object, and which is the main cause of mental peace. The practice of meditation is a method for acquainting our mind with virtue. The more familiar our mind with virtue, the calmer and more peaceful it becomes. When our mind is peaceful, we are free from worries and mental discomfort, and we experience true happiness."

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Class Format

You will be taught how to meditate and will be given practical guidance during the class. There will be a talk based on Buddha's teachings that will explain how to put meditation into practice in daily life to increase your own and others happiness. There will be a chance to ask questions, and after the class, with light refreshments available. There is also an opportunity to talk to the teacher.

Although the classes can vary slightly a typical class will consist of:

  1. A breathing/relaxation meditation
  2. A teaching on meditation based on a Buddhist topic
  3. A second meditation based on the teaching
  4. Time for discussion, questions and answers

If you have any questions at all please get in touch, you can find our details on the 'Contact Us' page.