1. Foundation Study Programme

Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso - Buddhist Nun, Kelsang Yankyi

The Foundation Programme is a unique in-depth study programme designed by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso and taught by our Resident Teacher Kelsang Yankyi.

Course Description

The foundation programme is a uniquely structured study programme that enables us to gain a deep understanding and experience of Buddhist teachings and meditation practices. It is ideal for those who have a general understanding of Buddhism, but wish to learn more.

Through guided meditation, study and discussion, the programme offers us the opportunity to learn to apply Buddhist Sutra teachings in our daily life. Through this we can experience inner growth and greater happiness.

There are two separate Foundation Programme classes, one on a Wednesday evening (in East Dereham) and one on a Sunday morning (in Attleborough), each of these classes studies a different text.

General Details

Enrolment required?: Yes or try a Four week trial with a one off payment of £35.00, this will also give you access to all of our classes and events for that period.

Course fee: £35 per month

Other information: Students on the foundation programme get most other classes and courses free of charge (except for a nominal fee for meals, where provided).

Further Information

For further information on this course please contact our Education Programme Co-ordinator either by email at epcamoghasiddhi@gmail.com or by telephone on 01953 451 937.

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