Dealing with Angry People

How do we deal with angry people? How do we deal with our own anger? How can we develop patience and improve our relationships with others?

Anger is a destructive and unpleasant mind that can cause great problems for ourself and our loved ones. Patience, on the other hand, helps us to deal with life’s difficulties in a calm and peaceful manner and can improve our relationships with our friends, family and work colleagues. Anger and irritation cause us to experience conflicts in our relationships, and distress and antagonism in our life in general. When we are irritated, frustrated or angry with others, we blow everything out of proportion, lose our common sense and often blame them for our problems. These negative minds, words and actions can damage or destroy relationships. Therefore if we want to enjoy long-lasting, happy and harmonious relationships, we must learn how to reduce and finally eliminate our own anger.

This course is suitable for anyone experiencing relationship conflicts, or who would like to know how to deal with anger - whether at home, at work, or elsewhere. Using guided meditation and practical teachings, Buddhist nun Kelsang Yanki will explain the practical methods we can easily employ in our daily life to reduce our anger and strengthen our ability to keep calm with others. No previous experience of meditation required.

Brunch is included.

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